Vaja Jibuti



Georgian painter Djibouti Vaja Shalvovich, born 5 Jun 1945 in Georgia. In 1972 he graduated from the Tbilisi State Art Academy. In 1975 he graduated from the Academy of Creative Union of Artists of the USSR, the faculty of painting under the guidance of Academician U. M. Dzhaparidze.
Since 1976 Ц member of the Union of artists of Georgia. Since 1995 Ц member of the artists Union of Russia and International Federation of Artists.


Russia, for example, participated in all-Union exhibition in Moscow and was awarded a bronze medal for the work "Earth and people", in Russia in 2012 held an exhibition Vaja Djibouti "Georgian winter", in 2012 in Yekaterinburg, he participated in the exhibition..



Gocha Jibuti


Georgian artist Djibouti vazhaevich Gocha was born 26 Aug 1972 in Tbilisi.
He studied at the Tbilisi art school named after J. Nikoladze 1987-1991 year.Studied at Tbilisi State Academy painting Department in 1992 Ц 1997, teachers Totibadze G., Kakabadse R., Z. Samkharadze
Thesis "Dance", head of the G. Totibadze Participates in exhibitions since 1994. Member of the Union of artists of Georgia since 1994.

The main work - "Mask", "Musician", "Friends"...